About MageExchange

About MageExchange

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide every Magento business owner and employee the tools necessary to help solve and/or improve their day to day operations. MageExchange helps to do this by providing merchants with dependable Magento extensions built by Certified Magento Developers with many years of experience and expertise in the e-commerce industry. We also understand that every business is unique and requires special attention around these key areas of the business. We strongly believe your success is our success and therefore we strive to improve your day to day operations by providing high quality extensions that are reliable which help to boost sales, increase employee efficiency and etc.

Our Dedication To Your Success

MageExchange strives to provide top notch service, extensions and 100% customer satisfaction at all times. MageExchange only sells extensions that have been developed by Certified Magento 2 Developers. In fact, even the CEO of MageExchange is Magento 1 and Magento 2 Certified! The MageExchange team knows exactly what is important to all Magento store owners. With so many years of experience working with Magento, MageExchange knows how important it is for a extension to function properly and for each extension to be coded using Magento's high standards and best practices! MageExchange is proud to help every Magento business owner improve their overall customer and employee experience by enhancing their Magento installation!

Every Magento extension built by the MageExchange team undergoes heavy testing to ensure the proper functionality of each extension built by our team. We believe our extensions should perform exactly as advertised without any interruptions to your business.